Air Quality Assessment Cost

Greenavon is a firm believer in transparency and open communication. Whilst we provide project-specific costs and quotations for all projects, a summary of our typical fees for our most common assessments are set out below. Our typical fees for air quality assessments are amongst the most competitive on the market.

ServiceTypical Cost (£)
Simple Air Quality Assessment £750-£1,250
Detailed Air Quality Assessment/ Dispersion Modelling Assessment £1,500-£2,300
Air Quality Neutral Assessment (Minor development)£250 – £500
Air Quality Neutral Assessment (Major development)£500 – £800
Air Quality Positve Statement£1,200 – £1,800
Construction Dust Risk Assessment and Management Plan£650 – £1,000
BREEAM Indoor Air Quality Plan £400 – £900
Odour Risk Assessment£500 – £800
Odour Survey£900 – £1500
Costs are presented without VAT.

Factors that influence the overall cost of an air quality assessment include the proposal’s proximity to air quality management areas, air quality focus areas and statutory ecological receptors. Other factors include the size of the project, knowledge of local planning policy and the project’s timescales.

The above costs assume a full assessment of a project’s construction and operational phases would be required. There might be some situations where construction does not require a full assessment (e.g. if there are only internal renovations, or if an outline planning application is proposed) and therefore our final quote would reflect this.

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